Sunday, February 1, 2009

HTC Touch HD T8282 World Phone, Unlocked, GPS, Bluetooth, Touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

HTC Touch HD T8282 World Phone, Unlocked, GPS, Bluetooth, Touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6.1 ProfessionalEnjoy music videos, films and streaming like you never thought possible on a mobile device. Experience internet browsing so exhilarating... it feels like you never left your laptop at home. Its all delivered to you on a pixel-packed 3.8 WVGA screen and seamlessly tied together with touch-responsive TouchFLOTM 3D.

The ultrafast 3.5G technology lets you surf and download at true broadband speeds. On HSDPA networks, the Touch HDTM delivers downlink speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps there is no need to slow down while you work or play.

The newly added Stock tab keeps you informed of the latest stock quotes, while the connected Home screen puts e-mail, messages and calendar only a finger-stroke away.

Get directions, view satellite maps and find your location using Google Maps. The maps are bigger and crisper thanks to the expansive screen. Tap the onscreen controls to zoom in and view more detail. This is navigation taken to a whole new level.

Customer Review: Overall a great versatile handset

I just got my new HTC Touch HD phone a few days ago. It has replaced my old SPV M700 (HTC) with Windows Mobile 5 handset. I considered the HTC Diamond but disregarded this due to the slow TouchFLO 3D at the time (has now been updated) however battery life (900 mAh) is still bad. I also considered the iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Storm. The iPhone is fabulous, but not for editing documents etc., plus the screen resolution of the HD is near double. The Storm has a "click" screen which I'm not sure about.

First thing you notice when you take the phone out of its box it how solid and well built it feels. Also striking is the lack of the usual array of "HTC" style buttons. This gives the phone a very minimalistic and elegant look. After starting it up you are greeted with the home screen of the flo menu. This now responds much faster, looks stunning and is a real asset. However the flo does not cover all the phone's functionality and it soon reveals the WM 6.1 prof. underneath. Then navigating the menus using your finger becomes very tricky. Even the fantastically high screen resolution (480x800) can't make up for this. The HD does come with a stylus (held in by a magnet) which you'll need for those occasions. The virtual keyboard is good and responsive but I find it takes some time to get use to. To sync the phone with my PC with Vista was very easy with active sync. It works very well with MS Office 2007 and Media player. I took it to the gym and found the HD works very well as an MP3 player. You can even adjust the volume with the button at the side of the phone without turning the phone back on. The sound quality is very, very good. Importing/converting vids and photos is a doddle with the media player. However I imported a video podcast and the software did not make use of the g-sensor to view landscape, why? Playback is smooth and seems good. Web browsing is a joy with the high resolution screen and Opera 9.5 preinstalled (this does make use of the g-sensor).

I contacted HTC customer service and found them very helpful. If you go to the HTC website you can download the latest fixes for the phone.


TouchFLO 3D now fast and very useful

Build quality

Battery life

Great preloaded programs e.g. MS mobile office

Very good MP3 player and video playback with fantastic sound quality

Very slim and portable

HTC customer service seems fine

Very good compatibility with MS Vista

Looks stunning

5 mega pix camera


Windows Mobile rears its ugly head

Fiddly small buttons in MS windows mobile

G-sensor does not support many prog.

Only digital zoom and no flash

Overall a great versatile handset.

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