Sunday, February 22, 2009

Motorola ROKR Z6 Unlocked Cell Phone with 2 MP Camera, MP3/Video Player, MicroSD Slot--U.S. Version with Warranty (Black)

Motorola ROKR Z6 Unlocked Cell Phone with 2 MP Camera, MP3/Video Player, MicroSD Slot--U.S. Version with Warranty (Black)Beneath the surface the Motorola ROKR Z6 is a music masterpiece, complete with high performance music playback capabilities and extraordinary picture and video capture capabilities. Exuding eye-catching sophistication, the slider-style ROKR Z6 phone is carefully crafted with slender proportions, glistening metallic finish, and Motorola's familiar soft touch feel. This phone also features a 2.0-megapixel camera with video capture, Bluetooth connectivity with profiles for communication headsets and stereo music streaming, MicroSD memory expansion, new Linux operating system that incorporates kJava, EDGE data connectivity, and USB 2.0.

Enjoy your music on the go with the ROKR Z6, which offers easy synchronization with Windows Media Player.
This unlocked cell phone can be used with a GSM network service provider and it provides quad-band connectivity (850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz). It does not come with a SIM card, and it requires that you provide a SIM card for usage with your selected service provider. This phone comes with a one-year warranty from a third party provider.

Phone Features
Inside the clean lines of the ROKR Z6 is a Linux/Java music phone with Windows Media technologies, including Windows Media Audio (WMA) Windows Media DRM 10, and media transfer protocol (MTP). The ROKR Z6 lets consumers "plug and play" with any personal computer running Windows Media Player 10 or 11. With fast PC direct connectivity via High Speed USB 2.0, the Z6 lets you access music you want simply and seamlessly. With up to 2 GB of optional removable MicroSD memory and 64 MB on board memory, you can store all of your favorite songs and playlists without compromise. The ROKR Z6 also has a dedicated music key that launches the music library and file sorter making it easy to find the music you want.

In addition to tunes, the Z6 can also capture photos and video on the go.
The Z6 makes it easy to find and manage songs using Windows Media Player on your PC, which supports playlists, album art, search by genre, artist and more. It even answers calls while you transfer. The ROKR Z6 works right out of the box; Windows Media Player automatically recognizes the device. Synch purchased music from over 200 music stores, including Napster, onto the device from your PC; or side-load tunes from over 200 music stores worldwide.

The powerful 2.0-megapixel camera includes multi-mode capabilities, enabling you to capture moments in either landscape or portrait and with the slider open or closed. It also includes an LED flash and video capture at 15 to 20 frames per second (fps). The phone also provides support for PictBridge technology so you can print your photos without the need of a PC (either using USB or Bluetooth).

This phone provides Bluetooth version 2.0 wireless connectivity, and includes profiles for communication headset, handsfree car kits, and audio/video remote control. With the A2DP Bluetooth profile, you can stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones. The ROKR Z6 also allows you to easily send images to a compatible Bluetooth-enabled printer to print high-quality pictures.

With a next generation user interface and Linux operating system, the ROKR Z6 offers an advanced menu structure, improved phonebook and messaging features, and intuitive navigation, making it easier than ever to get what you want. Other features include:

  • 2-inch QVGA LCD with 320 x 240-pixel resolution and support for 262K colors
  • USB 2.0 for high speed transfers and data access
  • 64 MB on-board user memory, plus removable MicroSD memory card slot
  • Video playback formats: MPEG4 3GPP, h.263
  • Messaging via MMS, SMS, IM
  • Compatible with POP3 email accounts

Vital Statistics
The ROKR Z6 weighs 4.06 ounces and measures 4.15 x 1.79 x 0.63 inches. Its 750 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 7 hours of talk time, and up to 400 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies. This phone comes with a one-year warranty from a third party provider.

Customer Review: Worst Phone Ever Made!!

Unfortunately I own this POS! I should not have fell into the trap but I did. It randomly shuts off even with a full charge on the battery. It also makes phone calls on its own to people in my phonebook. This thing is possessed. I have complained about it a couple of times and was basically told to deal with it or I could buy a new phone. If I could rate it a zero I would. BEWARE BEFORE YOU BUY.

Customer Review: My last Moto

My last Motorola phone was a Dynatac 8000G, and it worked great for years. A few months ago, I bought a Z6m and now hate not just the phone, but Motorola. (The Z6m is the CDMA variant; I've observed that all sorts of GSM phones regularly cause interference, violating US FCC rules part 15, and therefore unlawful to operate.)

The first thing that infuriated me was the speakerphone. It isn't loud enough to use in a moving car, even when holding it near my head. (Under the same conditions, my old Nokia worked just fine, allowing me to keep both hands on the steering wheel.) The MP3 player can play plenty loud through the same speaker, indicating to me that it's not the fault of the speaker, but an intentional shortcoming designed to sell Motorola's hands-free car kit.

Even while using all the power-saving options, I still can't get a second day's use out of the phone before recharging, and that's with a brand-new battery. My Nokia gave me a week.

The phone supports adding a memory card only up to 2GiB because it uses FAT16 and not FAT32. It would be nice to offer a non-Microsoft file system, if only Motorola could get the disk interface right.

Plug in a USB cable to a computer and it charges the phone, and allows access to the memory (card if installed or main if not) or the modem.

See something you want to take a picture of? Hold down the button and wait. It launches the camera application, so wait some more. The moment is long gone.

I went somewhere with no service and quickly learned that I couldn't even set the clock to the right time.

Want to browse the Web? Forget it.

The designs of many parts of this thing were outsourced and clearly not managed competently.

This is the last Motorola product I buy. I feel ripped off, and hope to soon replace the phone and punch any of its designers in the nose.

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