Monday, February 16, 2009

Nokia 2610 Unlocked Cell Phone--U.S. Version with Warranty (Black)

Nokia 2610 Unlocked Cell Phone--U.S. Version with Warranty (Black)The words "entry level" no longer mean "low-end," especially when it comes to the Nokia 2610. Offering advanced media and calling features without breaking the bank, this unlocked Nokia 2610 is an easy to use device that combines multiple messaging options including email, instant messaging, and more. You can even download MP3 ringtones, graphics, and games straight to the phone, or surf the Web with your network's Internet service.

This unlocked cell phone can be used with a GSM network service provider and it provides dual-band connectivity (850/1900 MHz). It does not come with a SIM card, and it requires that you provide a SIM card for usage with your selected service provider.

Nicely affordable, the easy-to-use Nokia 2610 is packed full of powerful communication tools.
Compact and stylish, the 2610 features a candybar design sporting a bright 128 x 128 pixel display capable of displaying over 65,000 colors. Most of the phone's features and on-screen menus are controlled by a center toggle on the control pad. A standard hands-free headphone jack is provided, as are volume control keys, and there's even a "Go-To" button that can be assigned by the user for quick access to favorite applications. Lastly, the included speakerphone allows you to talk handsfree, and because the phone sports an internal antenna, there's nothing to snag or break off.

Calling Features
The 2610's built-in address book can store up to 300 contacts for quick and easy management of phone numbers. Choose from up to 34 built-in ringers, plus downloadable ringtones from your network (additional fees applicable). This phone supports 24-chord polyphonic ringtones as well as real-music MP3 ringtones. There's also a vibrating alert for when you want to be discreet.

Messaging and Tools
If you need text messaging capabilities, the 2610 has you covered as support is built-in for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages. Instant messaging is also supported too, and comes preloaded with AOL, Yahoo!, and MSN IM clients. When it's time to connect to the Web, you can do so quickly over the supported GPRS data protocol (Internet data service required; additional fees applicable). T9 text entry, a technology that makes it easier for people to enter words and text on handsets, is built-into the unit--a plus for text messaging users.

A number of handy software tools are bundled with the 2610 including a calendar, a calculator, and an alarm clock. The 2610 lets you carry these tools wherever you go so you can create appointments and view your schedule at a moment's notice. The 2610 also allows the user to dress up the phone with different custom graphics and wallpapers--a great way to add subtle flavor to an otherwise boring day.

The 2610 has plenty of fun built-in, too, thanks to the pre-loaded games that make your daily commute on the train or bus something you almost look forward to. Java support was also bundled with the phone, as well, so you can really get your feet wet with some advanced gaming during down time.

Vital Statistics
The Nokia 2610 weighs 3.21 ounces and measures 4.09 x 1.69 x 0.71 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 3.0 hours of digital talk time, and up to 120 hours (5 days) of digital standby time. It runs on the GSM/GPRS 850/1900 frequency.

Customer Review: Great Basic Phone!

The Nokia 2610 is a great basic phone. If you need a phone that is easy to use then this is the one for you. Call quality and reception are great. The phone is straight forward and very user friendly.

Customer Review: awful cell phone

Doesn't matter if its free....this phone is is primarily designed to get you to run the cost meter on the internet...nothing more... screen times out in seconds, hard to read in sunlight, and contrary to the manual it is neither user friendly or intuitive...I have an older black and white screen Nokia "shorty" that runs circles around this phone. Good luck.
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